The Symbols of the Apocalypse ~ Our Method of Interpretation

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The Symbols of the Apocalypse

Our Method of Interpretation

The Symbols of the Apocalypse offers the reader a chapter by chapter, verse by verse, word by word, interpretation of the Revelation of John.  Our approach has been to consider the historically Orthodox interpretation first, for it is very important to know how those who knew the Prophet interpreted his Visions.  With this as a starting point we then entertained any and all interpretations that would shed light on the Symbols.  This was followed by an analysis of all these elements in an attempt to forge a clear interpretation of the Symbols.  Our watchword throughout his work has been;

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

 Numerologythe Symbols of Apocalypse Our Method of Interpretation

One of the most important facets of the Apocalypse lies in its structure. These previous themes comprise the structure of this magnificent Book, and rest upon several critical, arcane, and mysterious disciplines that, like the Apocalypse, offer us a plethora of esoteric truth.  The key components in these dissertations are 3-fold. It is based upon an unbelievably complex mixture of Numbers, Symbols, and Myths, all of which lead the reader to layer after layer of meaning.  Our commentary examines the meaning of Numerology in detail, and considers ideas on the subject from the time Pythagoras to that of Schwaller de Lubicz.  Every number in the Apocalypse – from 1 to 7 to 666 – is examined carefully.

 SymbolismThe Symbols of the Apocalypse Our Method of Interpretation

But the most important subject of all is Symbolism, for we cannot understand the work if we fail to understand the symbols.  The Apocalypse is permeated with these ancient Archetypes which, when properly interpreted, reveal the inspired thoughts of the Prophet.  Our study attempts to explain every symbol in the Book through careful research and analysis, coupled with an examination of the ideas put forth by the commentators over the years.


The sister of Symbolism is Mythology.  Our study of the one led us into the other.  As a result we also offer the reader an analysis of the myths as they pertain to the apocalypse.  This, too, is a rich vein in any study of John’s Prophecy.

A Word about Our Commentary

We have chosen Orthodoxy as a matrix for our comments, and will present the traditional Christian interpretations, with which we do not always agree, before offering other considerations.  The Apocalypse is, after all, a Judaeo-Christian work. The ideas of the Christian theologians, both ancient and modern, should be considered at length.  But they are not the only source of truth concerning the apocalypse, and we have embraced enlightenment wherever we have found it.  This approach has led us to some interesting, unusual, and sometimes original conclusions that are not always Orthodox.  Our goal in this work has always been to understand the apocalypse on all its many levels.  We ask that the Orthodox reader bear this in mind.

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