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   “The Symbols of the Apocalypse”

Author Alan D Mills

the author and his intent

St. John the Evangelist
by Zampieri (1621–29)

In the final year of the reign of the Roman Emperor Domitian [95 C. E.], a wizened old man was released from imprisonment on the tiny Isle of Patmos.   This aged convict was Saint John, the last surviving disciple of Jesus.  The only possession he carried with him when he returned to the mainland was a book of visions, which set forth the events that will usher in the end of the world as we know it.

Sixty-four generations later I, while a very young theologian, I “discovered” this book of revelations, and a romance of sorts ensued until he too, became a wizened old man.  This yearning to know the future, which has remained intact over the centuries, is as strong today as it was when the Prophet first received his visions.

But how can this be, you ask?  Can we ever really know the future?  Albert Einstein, one of the wisest man of our era, declared that the arrow of time flies in only one direction.  Other prescient thinkers, such as the physicist Paul Davies agree, and speak of the “deep intuition” that leads us to believe that the future is open until it becomes the present, and that the past is forever fixed. This paradigm is built into our language, our thought, and our behavior.

The physicists believe that the separation between past, present, and future is an illusion, and that they all exist simultaneously.  There is no “was” or “will be.”  There is only “is.”  Can this be the key to the mysteries set forth in the Apocalypse?  It is an old man’s hope that the commentaries found in our website, the product of 60 years of research, will shed a few rays of light on the obscure, but profound Symbols of the Apocalypse.

“He that Hath an Ear, Let Him Hear”