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“The Symbols of the Apocalypse”

Our commentary on the Apocalypse is presently available on both Kindle and Amazon

The Author, Alan Darrow Mills, lives with his wife Karen and their wonder-dog Flame in a small rural community in Northern California. As a young theologian he “discovered” the Apocalypse, and a romance of sorts ensued, eventually leading to the creation of a seven volume series entitled “The Symbols of the Apocalypse.”  Nevertheless, this yearning to know the future has remained unbroken and is as strong today as it was many decades ago.  The questions raised in this work remain as vital today and they were sixty-four generations ago.  It is an old man’s hope that the commentaries found in “The Symbols of the Apocalypse”, the product of 60 years or research, will shed a few rays of light on the mysterious and profound Symbols of the Apocalypse. In the words of the Prophet:

“He that Hath an Ear, Let Him Hear”announcing

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