“My People”

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http://christinamead.com/tag/fear/ MY PeopleIn a recent interview President Trump declared that he wantedmy people to stand at attention “when in his presence.” This is exactly the modes operandum employed by Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin to name a few. They operated on the premise that a single individual should rule by decree. But in reality, the use of this malaprop is a blunder, a ridiculous misnomer designed to lead the electorate astray. And President Trump is succeeding in his mission, despite the fact that we are NOT his people.

“He that Hath an Ear, let Him Hear…“ Revelation 2:17

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see this page President Tump’s faux pau was soon followed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who crossed the line between Church and State to defend his controversial immigration policy and attempts to justify this act with a verse from the New Testament. Speaking to law enforcement officers in Fort Wayne Indiana, Sessions defended the text, which is causing an uproar daily on the Mexican/American border. But he failed to realize that a text without a context is a pretext, and, as Paul repeatedly said “Love thy neighbor as thy self” Romans 13:9 and “Suffer the little children to come unto me”  Luke 18:16

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