The Symbols of the Apocalypse Volume 5 The Four Heavenly Personages

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Bible Apocalypse – Welcome to the Future

The Wondrous Woman Bible ApocolypseThe fifth volume marks the precise middle of the Apocalypse, the actual literary center of the Book.  It initiates a new sequence of visions that plainly indicated that there is much that is yet to be revealed.  In the visions that follow, the Apocalyptist will introduce us to the forces operating behind the scene, forces that motivate and dominate the players in the ensuing drama.

One of the most striking features of those visions is that the main figures are seen both in heaven and on the earth.  This indicates that the drama is both transcendent and immanent, a blending of past and present, human and divine, that is designed to prepare us for the most critical moment in human history –  the manifestation and incarnation of Satanic power upon the earth.

In the chapters that follow the conflict between Good and Evil steadily increases in the form of the four archetypal figures that dominate this Book.

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It is beyond the scope of these brief comments to interpret the meanings of these ancient images. It is enough to realize that they represent a “past reality” that still has the ability to effect “present reality.” Buried, at the same time, beneath the rubble of ancient civilizations and in the almost unfathomable depths of the human mind, these archetypal images keep resurfacing in our modern society. We see them in the archaeological digs of ancient ruins, in the myth covered images and icons of ancient religions, and in the mythic structure of our most recent dreams. Consider the transcendent figures of the Great Cosmic Mother.

Inanna Queen of Heaven

Inanna Queen of Heaven


The Woman Clothed with the Sun Albrecht Durer

The Woman Clothed with the Sun Albrecht Durer

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.


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