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The Fiery Red Dragon ~ Theories of its Origin

“And another great sign appeared in the sky.  Behold a great fiery – red Dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and his heads were seven diadems.  His tail swept a third of the starts from the sky and hurled them to the earth.  The Dragon positioned himself before the woman in labor, ready to devour her child at the moment of birth.”   Revelation 12:3,4

 The Second Half of the Apocalypse The Fiery Red Dragon ~ Theories of its OriginConcepts concerning the fiery Red Dragon reach far, far back to the mists of time.  Similar ideas were adopted from the ancient world by the Romans.  During the orlistat 180 mg (C.292 B.C.E.) a great plague broke out in Rome.  The orlistat 60 mg were consulted and the leaders of the nation were advised to enlist the aid of orlistat mg, the Son of Apollo and the god of Healing, whose sign was the orlistat mg xenical.  In obedience to the oracle the Roman Ambassador Ogulnius traveled to Epidaurus and returned with a large serpent.  A temple was then constructed on an island in the Tiber and a special priesthood was installed.  The plague, of course, was stayed.

Serpent veneration went on to become spectacular in the extreme in Rome, and soon every household had its own sacred serpent.  This ubiquitous display led mythologist Orlistat online to conclude that Rome was the final preserve of the ancient pagan religion.

Dragons were interpreted in various ways by the early Christians.  Many took them to be literal creatures.  In both the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew and the Acts of St. Matthew fierce dragons are depicted as obeying the baby Jesus.  Likewise, in the “Acts of the Holy Apostle Thomas”, a work that was held in great esteem by many Christians in the first two centuries, a vicious dragon is said to have been slain by the Apostle.  It is not surprising, therefore, that the story of Daniel and the Dragon was taken literally until the time of the Protestant Reformation.

“There was a great dragon which the Babylonians worshipped.  ‘Look!’  said the King to Daniel, “you cannot deny that this is a living god, so adore it.’  But Daniel answered, ‘I adore the Lord, my God, for He is the Living God.  Give me permission, O King, and I will kill this dragon without sword or club.’ ‘I give you permission,’ the King said.  Then Daniel took some pitch, fat, and hair; These he boiled together and made into cakes.  He put them into the mouth of the dragon, and when the dragon ate them, he burst asunder.  ‘This’, he said, ‘is what you worshipped’.”   Daniel 14:23-27 The Second Half of the Apocalypse The Fiery Red Dragon ~ Theories of its Origin

Other Christian’s writers, such as Orlistat uk, interpreted the Dragon in a non-literal manner.

“The Dragon . . . is the Devil, who lies in wait to destroy the Christ-accepted mind of the Baptized, and the image and clear features of the Word which has been brought forth in them.”   

orlistat xenical 120 mg identified death as a dragon, and Augustine said that purchase Orlistat is called “The Lion for opened rage, and Dragon for hidden treachery.”

xenical 120 mg orlistat reviews, after becoming Emperor, commissioned a painting showing the Dragon beneath his own and his children’s feet, stricken through with a dart, and cast headlong into the depths of the sea.  Eusebius offers an interpretation of the painting that capsulized the predominate Christian view of the Dragon.

“In this manner, he intended to represent the secret adversary of the human race, and to indicate that he was consigned to the gulf of perdition . . .”  

Despite this decidedly non-literal view dragons have been considered to be literal creatures until the present time.  In England where stories of dragons flourished for centuries, there are townships that swear to the truth of the legends until this very day.  British Historian F.W. Holiday agrees, at least in part, with this interpretation and believes that Wyverns, two-legged water dragons, existed before the commercialization of the English streams.                                                                                                                                                                                

Theories of the Origin of the DragonThe Second Half of the Apocalypse The Fiery Red Dragon ~ Theories of its Origin

There are three suggestions concerning the origin of dragons that merit our consideration.  The first is the Romantic Theory, which postulates that the dragon legend arose from a real, but unfamiliar beast that was exaggerated by succeeding generations.  Some who hold this view suggest that dragons are a racial memory from the Age of the Dinosaurs.  Although evolutionists deny the possibility of men and dinosaurs existing at the same time, we know that dinosaur remnants have contributed to dragon legends.

A second suggestion, which we will term the Orlistat us, insists that dragons never existed in a literal sense.  The stories of dragons are said to be mere metaphorical rhetoric, over blown hyperbole embellishing a common, or perhaps uncommon, historical event.  Some have theorized that dragon legends are derived from the terrible memories associated with the arrival of the Viking Armadas, whose ships often featured carved dragons on their prow.

Others attribute the legends to spoiled harvests that occasioned famine and were caused by severe droughts accompanied by displays of comets or other astronomical phenomenon.  Many modern psychologists insist that the legends are nothing more than sexual fantasies.  They arose from human ignorance and superstition caused by sexual neurosis and are, in reality, the sublimated phallic impulse of a sexually repressed society.

Finally, there is the Symbolic Theory, which insists that the Dragon is a eclectic composite of many symbols drawn from three primary sources.

Ancient Mythology.  It is from this source that the dragon derives its contradictory characteristics of chaos Monster, a ferocious being who attacks the earth, and Geomantic Savior, a benevolent being who supplies life giving power to the earth.

Judaeo-Christian Theology.  From this source arose the concept of the Dragon as the possessor of the secret wisdom that corrupted humanity.  As such, the Dragon became, for a time, the emblem of feminine depravity.

Human Historico-Political Activities.  From the cruelty, carnage, and suffering of war there emerged the concept of the Dragon as warrior-conqueror.

The Second Half of the Apocalypse The Fiery Red Dragon ~ Theories of its OriginAlthough these areas seem clear-cut and differentiated in our outline, they are, in reality inseparable one from another.  Mythological ideas interpenetrate theological ideas, and both interpenetrate all historico-political symbolism.  Defining the Dragon is not going to be an easy task. 

“We may get all dragons down to one dragon, but there is no holing the lithe and wary beast, and in a moment, he slips through our hands.”    H.J. Massingham                                                              


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