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The Second Witness:
Is He Enoch the Seer? 
Part III 

“And I will give power to my Two Witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.”    Revelation 11:3 

orlistat 180 mgIn the medieval periodorlistat 60 mg and Enoch were continually identified as the Two Witnesses. They are found in a commentary by orlistat mg (C. 785 AD) and in a commentary by Berengaudus (C. 1000). They are also found in the orlistat mg xenical (C. 1076). Both names are continually found in the miniatures illustrating Chapter Eleven above the heads of the Two Witnesses. They are not identified in the Flemish Apocalypse, however, and Durer omits them from his masterwork, but they are found in the famous Brussels Tapestry, and Orlistat online found the ancient belief to be common in his day.

“The old opinion that Elias and Enoch are to come again in the time of Antichrist…. has spread itself through the entire Church.”

Orlistat uk

The belief is still common today. Many of the contemporary commentators believe that Enoch and Elijah are the Two Witnesses. Several reasons are advanced as proof for this theory. J. A. Seiss, for instance, feels that it must be these two, and these two alone, because both were judgment prophets in a particular and intense way, Enoch to the generation of the flood, and Elijah to the nation in apostasy. The most common reason advanced, however, is of a purely theological nature. Since both Enoch the Seer and Elijah were translated to heaven alive, and remain so, it is assumed, until this day, they must return and die in the last times.

For the first five centuries in particular, and throughout the entire history of the Church in some measure, the belief that Enoch the Seer and Elijah would return to the earth to bear witness to Antichrist, and then die before the eyes of the entire world, has been the generally accepted interpretation of John’s vision. It is, therefore, not to be discarded lightly. If we are to accept the interpretation, however, we are immediately confronted with the question, “How have these two great prophets been preserved for all those millenniums?”

This was an issue of vital interest and lively debate to the theologians of the Early Church, and they had touched upon all the possible solutions by the time of Augustine. Everyone worked from the assumption that neither prophet had suffered physical death. orlistat xenical 120 mg express the sentiment of the era in one of his hymns. “Enoch and Elijah have broken deaths pair of wings.”

 purchase Orlistatxenical 120 mg orlistat reviews, citing John 3:13, “No man has ascended into heaven”, thinks that their translation, and the burial of Orlistat us, were dissimilar to the resurrection of Christ.

If they are not in a resurrected body, as Ambrose suggests, we are left with only two possible alternatives. Both are found in Augustine, who paradoxically held them both. In his “Reply to Faustus the Manichean”, the bishop argues that they have assumed some intermediate form, a “celestial body.”

“If I am told that it is possible for the flesh of a certain man shall be changed into a celestial body, I allow the possibility…. No one, therefore, would be so foolish as to deny that Elias being a creature of God could be changed…. Or that by the will of the Omnipotent God, he could be changed in a manner unusual among men.”

In another treatise, however, Augustine argues that they must still be in their earthly bodies.

The great Tertullian believed them to be undergoing intensive instruction at the place in which they now abide.“Enoch and Elias, who even now, without experiencing a resurrection (because they have not even encountered death) are learning to the full what it is for the flesh to be exempted from all humiliation, and all loss, and all injury, and all disgrace – translated as they were from this world, and from this very cause already candidates for everlasting life.”

All the evidence we have considered thus far leads us to a remarkable conclusion, namely that in the very last days Elijah, accompanied by either Moses or Enoch the Seer, is going to appear as an historical entity and play a great and pivotal role in the political drama of the very last days. The intelligent reader has by now asked himself “How can this be?” It is to this final question that we must now address our thoughts.


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